Team Durham4x4

Your Durham 4×4 Board of Directors are:


Dave Watson Dave has been wheeling since 1985! He has an abundance of experience guiding groups through trails and recovering vehicles that have gotten stuck. Dave also has years of experience managing people in a workplace. He is outspoken, compassionate and fair.


Ivan Shaw Ivan has been wheeling since childhood. Two wheels, four wheels, and more… since before he was old enough to have his license. He has a lot of experience in the non profit sector. He is thorough, friendly and dedicated.


Elisabeth Rocha Elisabeth has been wheeling 3+ years. She is known to her jeep family for her ability to be genuine, impartial, precise and nurturing.


Jennifer Brown Jennifer has been wheeling 2+ years. She has years of experience as a board member in the non profit sector. She manages an automotive store/shop that specializes in accessorizing trucks. She is friendly, stubborn, educated and determined.


Charlene Lewin Charlene is the lady with connections. She is a go-getter. This woman simply doesn’t stop. She’s a fantabulous cook and host. Years wheeling…10+


Jaye Sawdon Jaye has been wheeling 10+ years. He has a lot of experience guiding groups through trails and recovering stranded vehicles/people. He is loyal, helpful and collaborative.