Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a member of the Durham 4×4 Offroad Club?

You Provide $15, your full name, vehicle year/make/model, and OF4WD registration number to a board member in person… perhaps at weekly Wednesday coffee meets. You can also e-transfer the money to and include that information in the memo or a separate email.

Once your membership is processed you will be given a membership card that is non-transferrable. Your OF4WD and D4x4 stickers are to be adhered to the back of it. In the unlikely event that your membership is revoked, for just cause, this card must be returned to a member of the board.

What does PAID membership give me?

We have many sponsors who offer discounts to PAID members. You only need to show them your membership card to enjoy these benefits. We also have many events throughout the year for our members to participate in. To participate in a wheeling event you must be a paid member of Durham4x4 and of the OF4WD.

Membership also gives you the opportunity for further socialization with many 4×4 enthusiasts throughout the wheeling community. A sense of belonging and family.

Why do I need to join the OF4WD?

This is our parent organization. They work with other organizations to repair and maintain the trail system in Ontario. They negotiate our right to utilize them, and provide liability insurance in relation to their use. There is much that the OF4WD does to help the wheeling community. Check them out at their website or social media links provided in the footer of our pages.

Can anyone join Durham 4×4?

Anyone who is a fully licensed driver of a 4×4 vehicle is welcome to join. We do not discriminate. Our members include people of all ages, races, religions, sexualities, and backgrounds. We like it this way. We have a diverse group with one thing in common… love for 4×4’s and/or wheeling! We are an inclusive and collaborative family of 4×4 enthusiasts.

Can my membership be revoked?

This is not something Durham 4×4 prefers to do, but it is an unfortunate occurrence on occasion. A membership can only be revoked by a unanimous board decision. Just cause is needed to revoke a membership. A member who consistently tries to stir the pot and cause problems may be in danger of having their membership revoked. There is a process that is typically taken to determine if member revocation is needed.

How is the Board of Directors formed?

The board is elected by the paid members every 2 years. People were nominated or nominated themselves. The paid members had the opportunity to vote in favour of appointing who they so chose from the available candidates.

What does the board of Directors do?

The board takes care of club finances & registrations, member registrations, and plans and organizes all scheduled events.